There are lot of varieties in makeup and a number of artist try the best makeup to do always. But, there are also a few makeup looks which are not beautiful but very popular. It is none other than the ill patient makeup. We have seen such types of characters in movies and serials. This kind of getup is very hard to do and maintain. It is not possible for everyone to get the ill patient makeup. However, here we will discuss how to get this makeup look in a simple way. So if you are interested then it could be a good source of info for you. In such makeup the main part is the eyes. You have to work a lot on eyes only. If you think or imagine the appearance of an ill patient then you can realize that their eyes are highlighted more than other parts of body. In fact, when a person becomes ill, then his eyes get affected first. It means that we can understand a person is ill when his eyes have dark shadow and seem to be pushed internally. You need to make the same thing through your makeup. So it becomes very difficult to do so. However, it is not so hard that you never can do. Let’s see how to do this. Many people use black eye shadow under the eyes to make it like an ill patient’s eyes. But, it is not the correct way to do such. In such a way you cannot reveal the actual or natural look.

First we have to decide what body complexion the guy has. If he is dark enough then you can directly use the black eye shadow. But if it is not, then you need to choose brown and black color. First apply a single brown layer under the eyes and then do it properly. After that, you need to make use of the combination of brown and black. It this way you can make it natural ill eyes. Here one thing is more important and that is most of people apply only the under dark circles. Here you have to go for the complete dark circles. It means that you need to shadow the eyelids as well. However, the eyelids will have shadow much lighter than the lower part. This is all about the eyes makeup to be an ill patient.

Now come to the entire facial makeup. In other looks, we increase the glamour of the face more than usual. But here we have to do just the opposite. To do that you need to use fade colored foundation or cream. Now properly apply it thoroughly entire the face. Use shade lip color to take away the glamour of the lips as well. The last thing you have to do is making the hair almost bad look. You need to break the proper arrangement of the hair only. So, this is all about the ill patient makeup.


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