While it comes to talk about various kinds of makeup looks we cannot forget the most famous doctor and nurse makeup look. It is the most popular look that everyone would like to get. To get into the doctor and nurse makeup you do not have to work hard as it is very simple to obtain the look. If you are in search of information regarding the particular makeup look then here you could find the actual source of information. Let’s see what you have to do to get such a makeup. First of all, there should be two people if you would like to have both the doctor and nurse look. Here one has to be female at least to get the nurse makeup. Another candidate can be male or female to get the doctor look. First, a doctor never uses too much makeup as he is on noble profession. Hence, you have to keep a simple but gorgeous look to get the doctor look. For nurse look, you can go for makeup more than the doctor but not too much. One thing is here very important and that is doctor and nurse both keep very clean and hygienic getup.

Now, we will talk about the dressing sense of those medical practitioners. While it comes to discuss about the uniform of a doctor or nurse, white and blue take the prior role. Hence, you need to choose color between these two only if you would like to get the professional doctor and nurse look. For a doctor makeup, wear decent and gentle shirt and paint. Wear a white coat that usually a professional doctor wears. Take a stethoscope in hand or keep it on your shoulder or neck. It will provide you the best doctor look. If you would like to add some more professionalism then wear power glass as most of doctors normally wear.  

Regarding the nurse dress or costume, you do not have to be worried as ready-made nurse costumes are available in market. You just have to choose the best one that goes well with your look. It would be better if you do not use the stethoscope in nurse getup. However, a number of nurses use this medical instrument these days. Hence, it would be up to you what decision you may take. It is important for doctors and nurse to use simple shoes and that should clean enough.

Regarding the hair style of doctor and nurse, it can be said that a simple style will be preferable. However, the nurse goes for a little bit of modern style but it should not be extraordinary. Both doctor and nurse use beauty creams but not in excess. Nurse may use the foundation but in a very small mount. So, this is a small description how you can get into a doctor and nurse makeup. Follow the suggestions properly to get the preferred looks. Hence you can try the looks according to the instruction and certainly you could have better results.

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