Eva Sandridge said "I booked Dress Up Studios for my wedding and had them come and do make up service for my brides maids and my self before our wedding pictures just hours before our wedding. They met with me previously and we discussed the make up service I wanted and took the time to really listen to me and what our special needs where. They added to the whole look of my brides’ maids and me with their insightful suggestion into fashion and the make up service look we wanted. We all looked so fantastic when they were done and they were so patient and careful with us all. They actually were here early and did a fantastic job we looked so good. We were absolutely radiant and the pictures from the profession photographer were the best. They even asked if they could use them in his website profile. I was so pleased with the elegant look we all had, and my wedding was made very special. I would definitely spend the money again".

Bradley Lindquist of the Pre Form theater group stated we had a large production and our budget didn't allow for our own make up department as we are grant funded. ShimmerForever consulted with me about what we needed the night of our performances. I felt we had a profession theater make up service team as ShimmerForever new just what we needed and did a great job with a cast of 14. We each had a diversity of different looks and it was a large task that I was glad I did not have to deal with on top of everything else. We all were very happy and I would say that ShimmerForever is a fanatic group of professionals, and the price was good as well".

Privina Bijania gave this testimonial of the service she received for ShimmerForever. "My family is very traditional Indian and my wedding was a concern to me, I wanted the make up to be perfect as many of the family’s most prestigious friends and associates would be attending. They would be judging our family for every little detail. The professional from ShimmerForever understood what I meant and did a superb job at doing all my wedding make up needs and in a very traditional Indian way. I received graveling remarks and many fine compliments on our wedding preparations and my looks from very traditional Indian family friends. ShimmerForever did a great job and I would recommend them to any Indian family for their special Indian wedding make up service needs".

Jenny Neaz wrote " My high school had a fashion show to show case the skills we had learned at our summer work shop class. We raised the money for the whole event and wanted it to look professional. Several of the girls we went to school with had line of fashion they had developed but had not yet marketed and wanted us to use their fashions in our show to get exposure. Their fashions were very elegant and regal and so we wanted our make up to match. We went to ShimmerForever and got a free consultation and we decided we could afford the service and went with them. ShimmerForever delivered so big time and we look like professional models when they were done. Our fashion show was a huge success and we owe a lot of thanks to ShimmerForever for their fantastic make up service".

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