At present, makeup is a popular and upcoming trend among the people. For that reason, most of people want to get into a dashing getup or makeup. Here we are going to discuss one of the most popular makeup looks that most of you guys would like to get. This is none other than the commando makeup. It is one of the most interesting looks and you must try it if you are fond of various makeup and looks. Now, let’s come to the point and explore the particular makeup in a brief description. Those guys who have knowledge in ninja getup would get a big advantage here. Commando look is jut close to the ninja makeup. Now let’s discuss the steps that you are supposed to follow here to get the precise look. First make sure that you won’t have a glamorous face. In case your face is glorious enough then reduce it by using anti fair makeup products. Freshness should not be there on your fresh. These are the two important points to get a commando look. The reason behind such concept is that a commando does not have fresh or glorious face because they have to work hard. They often get busy in various physical activities while they are on duty. So keep those points in mind while you are getting ready for a commando look.

In this section, we are going to talk about the hair style of a commando. We all know commando usually have very small haircut. Their hair is smaller more around the ears and back. Front hair may be a little bit larger than the back and side hairs. In fact, their hair is so smaller that you can even see the skin of their head. If you would like to get a fair complexion or American commando then you can color your hair in brown or reddish. If you would like to get into the African commando look, then your hair should be black enough and body as well. Most of all, your hair needs to be smaller more than other country’s commando.  

Let’s see which kind of costume you need wear to get the particular look. Commando makeup or getup varies country to country. However, most of the countries use the black color uniform. So you have to go to market to get such a commando uniform. Make sure that the uniform is what you want to get. To get a specific look of a commando uniform you can search on net. There you will get the commando uniform image. After that wear a black weapon jacket that every commando wears on their uniform. Take a black color bag on shoulder just a commando takes.

Commando usually use stain gun. So you have to search for a fake stain gun. You can hold it in hand or take on shoulder. Wear solid commando boots and it should be black colored as well. Last one is the black helmet which gives you a complete commando look.

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