Everyone knows what the role of the cheer leaders in sport is. Using cheer leaders is becoming the modern trend in sport. Such a trend is becoming too much popular because it is increasing the entertainment a lot. All of us know how much beautiful and sexy the cheerleaders are. Even these are the major attraction of the sport. In recent days, a number of teenage girls would like to be cheerleaders. In fact, the cheer leader makeup is one of the best and most attractive makeups these days. Hence, if you want to be a cheer leader then you have to look extremely bold and off course beautiful. The eyes are most elegant part of face and you need to draw attention to your eyes first if you would like to look stunning. However, the application of eye-makeup is not quite simple. There is no issue which kind of eye-makeup you are using but make sure those are of high quality and long lasting. Here are a few eye-makeup tips for the cheer leaders. The important part of the eye-makeup is the eye liner. Try to pick the liquid eye liner for clean and gorgeous look. As you will be on activity so the product needs to be long lasting one too. Regarding the mascara, try to go for the stunning one. Use eye shadow properly and don not make too much deep shadow. 

Let’s talk about the face makeup which is main thing here. If you see the cheer leaders’ look properly then you would observe that they look extra ordinary bold and beautiful. The main thing here is that you have to choose good quality foundation and apply it so carefully that your skin may shine very brightly. Try to make sure that the foundation is water resistant or water proof. The job of cheer leaders is to jumping and dancing and for that reason there is common chance to be sweated. Hence if your foundation or makeup is not water resistant or water proof then it will definitely come off when you get sweated.

Lips are the most pleasing area of face where everyone looks first. In fact, the lips express your beauty. Therefore, a cheer leader’s lips should be pretty enough. To get attractive lips, you have to choose the best and brightest lips color or lip sticks. Do not forget to use the lip liner to give the finishing touch. 
Now talk about what body makeup should a cheer leader must have. A cheerleader needs to be fit to be seen and attractive as well. As a result, a cheerleader may use glitters to have beautiful shinning on their body. There are also various types of glitter, sparkle and shimmer products that can make you look more amazing. Cheer leaders continuously cheer, tumble, jump and dance around. For that reason they need to take proper care or precautions of their hair. As a result, this is all about the cheer leader makeup.

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