Makeup is an exceptional thing that can make anyone anything. Plenty of makeup looks are there. In recent days, most of people want to do one common makeup look. It is none other than the architect makeup. In fact, architect makeup is one of the most dashing makeup looks. You must try it to get a nice look. You need to be smart enough for this look. Most of girls feel affection for such a handsome look. If you are in search of info regarding the particular makeup look then here is right place. This article will help you a lot to get an architect look. First go for clean shave and then wash your face with a branded face wash. You will have two choices in shaving. One is clean shave and another is greenish shave. Choose whatever you would like most. Greenish shave is ideal for the guys with fair complexion. Clean one is for both the fair and dark. Wash again your face with a good quality face wash later than you get shaved. Pick face wash consistent with your tone of skin. You can apply beauty cream or foundation. However make sure that it must not be a female beauty cream. There are numerous men beauty creams are obtainable in market. Select which one goes well with your tone of skin. Dry beauty cream would be the perfect one for oily skin tone. Both dry and oily beauty creams are perfect for the guys with dry skin tone.

Regarding the hair style, you need to choose some decent hair styles. If you select any extraordinary fashionable or rocky hair style then your style will not ideal for the architect look. Choose decent but attractive hair style for you. It would be an excellent idea to use an eye glass to reveal your intelligence. Regarding the shoes, you are supposed to use a pair of formal boots. A number of architects make use of a long and rolled architectural designing paper. So you just need to do that. For having the best look, hold the paper in a hand and take a modern portable suitcase in other hand. There is no doubt it will give you such an amazing look that cannot be explained. In this way, you need try the architect makeup look.

In this section we will discuss about the dressing sense of an architect. As the name sounds the dress needs to be also very decent. It means that you need to wear a gentleman dress and it is none other than formal blazer and pant. Try to choose the black colored blazer and pant. You may use tie or you can leave it simply. To give a finishing touch to your look, attach a good looking pen on your shirt. In this way, you will get a complete architect look. So this is all about the architect look. If you follow the instructions properly then you easily get such an attractive as well as smart look.

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